Conversant in a range of fiddle styles, Suzuki Cady specializes in traditional Irish music, teaches, and is a skilled singer and accompanist.

Suzuki began her singing career at age seven as a member of the Colorado Children's Chorale. At twelve, she was a member of a professional choir that toured China by invitation.

Her love of Irish traditional folk music has found outlets close to home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and as far away as Galway, Ennis, Dublin, and Paris. Suzuki has appeared at the Fairfax Festival, the O'Neill Irish Music Festival, the Fairfax Irish Music Festival, and various Bread and Roses concerts.

Her musical cohorts include TresNoctambule, Kyle Alden, Sixpenny Money, and The Pure Drops.

Suzuki plays a remarkable five-string fiddle made by master luthier James Wimmer. If ever she had to flee a fire, that's the thing she would grab.


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