Musical Cohorts


Très Noctambule

TrèsNoctambule is a trio consisting of Marla Fibish, Bruce Victor, and Suzuki Cady. They play traditional and original music in a variety of forms – traditional Irish tunes and songs, original tunes written in traditional forms, and compelling musical settings of a broad array of poetry. Their music is rendered with lush beauty, sensitivity and humor on an unusual array of strings – various guitars in varied tunings, mandola, mandolin, five-string fiddle, bouzouki, cittern, tenor guitar – and their blended voices.


Sixpenny Money

A collective of popular musicians who play traditional Irish music and more. Cormac Gannon, Bruce VictorSuzuki CadyMarla FibishDan Gabel, Kyle Alden

Sixpenny Money plays at the EV Lounge in San Anselmo, CA on the second and fourth Fridays of each month.



Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, and Songs to raise the spirits! The Pure Drops is Suzuki Cady, Julie Horner, David Chadwick, and Daniel Schoenfeld. They provide trad tunes on a combination of fiddles, box accordion, guitar, and hammer dulcimer.


Kyle Alden and Suzuki Cady

Kyle Alden and Suzuki Cady share a love of both Irish and American musical traditions. They perform lovely sets of tunes and weave seamless vocal harmonies to original and traditional songs. Suzuki's 5-string fiddle joins Kyle's guitar, banjo, and bouzouki for a dynamic blend of musical textures.


Rebecca Richman and Suzuki Cady

Rebecca and Suzuki enjoy playing fiddles and concertina together in various Celtic and American styles. You can catch them most first and third Sundays at Irish music sessions at the Wu Wei Tea Temple in Fairfax, 4-6pm.